Car Accident Repairs near Dearborn MI

At one point in your driving life, you may need to seek out car accident repairs near Dearborn, Michigan. Knowing what collision center to visit for the most reliable service will reassure you before a crash has the chance to occur. At LaFontaine Family Deal, we help ensure that your car receives TLC whether it’s damaged or just needs a fresh coat of paint.

Any Make, Any Model

Our collision center works on any kind of car imaginable. Even if you own three different cars—such as a Chevy, Lincoln, and Lexus—our collision professionals can dive right in and make the necessary repairs. This gives our team the challenge of returning your car to its previous glory.

Car Dent Repair

Dents can blemish the surface of your car in many instances. Maybe you yanked open the car too hard and it banged into a tree. Maybe a grocery cart went flying and damaged your bumper near Dearborn Plaza Shopping Center. Maybe an intersection collision caused a dent in your door. Whatever the case, we’re ready to reverse it.

Reversing dents comes easy with the innovative tool we use. It’s paintless and chemical-free. If you knew where the dent was located, the results could leave you puzzled as to where it was on your car.

When you reverse a dent, you eliminate the chance that it will enlarge or that the paint will chip. If you leave a dent alone, the paint chipping could spread, leading to rust that looks ugly and damages the surface of your car.

Glass Repair

Many times, in an accident, glass gets broken. That’s not the only way it can happen, though. A fly ball during a pickup game in the neighborhood could hit your windshield, or a branch could fall during a storm. Sometimes, a small fissure develops in the windshield due to the extreme change in weather or from a pebble.

Whatever the situation may be, we’re on top of it. If your windshield shows a fissure, get it fixed. That small fracture could blossom into a full-blown crack if you don’t get it taken care of. We may be able to use a little resin to repair it.

Auto Painting Services

As we mentioned earlier, a dent can cause the paint to chip. Your car that you feel proud of driving around Downtown Detroit will not look as nice as it once was.

Plus, the paint protects the body of your car, so this could expose areas to the possibility of rust. Maybe you want a new car, but you’re not ready to take the plunge yet. A new paint job could give you that glee that a new car brings.

We Work With Major Insurance Companies

If you did get into an accident, your first order of business (besides recovering if you were hurt) should be contacting the insurance company. We know that this can be a challenge on top of all your other responsibilities, and we’re there to help.

We work with most insurance companies and can provide a reasonable estimate with a quick turnaround. You can submit photos of your car through our website so that our service pros can assess the damage.

Schedule Car Accident Repairs near Dearborn MI

Knowing where to schedule car accident repairs near Dearborn, MI, can help keep you calm when you get into a crash. If your car needs damage control, give us a call or contact LaFontaine Family Deal for an appointment.

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