Car Accident Repairs near Detroit MI
When you’re traveling all over the big city of Detroit, Michigan, you need to know where to get car accident repairs done. It’s possible that, if you commute daily or drive to large stadiums for concerts and games on the weekend, you may experience a collision. Whatever reason your car requires a repair, know that LaFontaine Family Deal is here to get your car back in shape.
Finding the Right Collision Center
Collision Center
You made a significant investment when you bought your car, so you also want the right collision center. To find the right place, you should know which questions to ask and what information to consider.
Make sure that you get recommendations from other drivers you know about the body shops they’ve used. Online reviews can also give you more information about the collision center. And feel free to ask them about their procedures, time tables, and more. Let us know, too, if you want to learn about our repair process.
Collision Center
Checking out a collision center’s credentials can also give you peace of mind. You want to know that the technicians working on your car possess the experience and expertise to fix your car so the repairs are long lasting.
While you’re getting your vehicle fixed, you should receive consistent communication from the body shop. That way, you’ll understand how long you may be without your car and discuss the possibility of getting a loaner or a rental.
Any Make, Any Model  
Any Make, Any Model
Our knowledgeable and experienced specialists know the ins and outs of most cars. They’re well-versed in the latest automotive techniques so they know how to approach even a vehicle they’ve not yet encountered. So, if you own both a Buick and a Volvo or a GMC and a Honda, bring any and all to our experts.
Dent Repairs and Reversals
Whether an accident has led to a dent in your car’s exterior, or you banged into a tree by the side of your house, dents make your vehicle look older than it is. A dent can lead to paint chipping, which may leave your car exposed to the elements. From this point, rust could develop and may spread to the vital parts under the hood.
We have a special tool the works without chemicals or paint to make the dent disappear. Although you may think it’s magic, it’s simply the use of a tool that literally reverses the dent. You may not even remember where the dent originally appeared. Even older cars can be dent-free with our dent reversal tool.
Dent Repairs
Glass Repair
Unfortunately, car accidents can result in broken windshields, and that’s not the only reason for cracks. Maybe your child was playing catch and the ball made contact with your car, or a tree branch came down during a storm and hit the windshield.
Our collision specialists can handle the replacement and repair of most glass. Even small fissures should be taken seriously because they could bloom into full-blown cracks. Riding around with a small crack can be just as dangerous as driving with a large one. For tiny fractures, we can place resin in the crack to repair it.
Glass Repairs
Auto Painting Services
To help maintain your car and keep it looking fresh, a new paint job could do the trick. Expert auto painting can also remove unsightly scratches that came from an accident or fender bender. If you leave the chips and scratches alone, they’ll expand, exposing your car to rust or ugly patches that make your car look old and could reduce its trade-in value.
Auto Painting Services
Bumper Repair
Some car crashes may result in the bumper sustaining damage. Depending on the extent of the damage, your vehicle may need a simple refurbishment or a whole new bumper. Scratches may be buffed out if they’re not too deep.
If the bumper harbors deep dents or scratches, it may be too far gone to buff them out or reverse the dents. Bumpers made from fiberglass or plastic cannot be refurbished in the same regard. A cracked bumper should be replaced. A bumper that’s hanging from a hook may not be able to be reattached, so it’s best to replace it.
Bumper Repair


Parts Department
Parts Department
Our parts department resides right on site, so this makes it easy for our collision specialists to retrieve the right parts. And they’ll only use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts to complete a repair or a replacement.
Vehicle parts through the manufacturer come designed to fit your car’s make, model, and year exactly. They’re meant to fit a certain way and offer the performance you've come to expect. If your car does not receive parts designated for the vehicle, it may not operate as it should. In fact, aftermarket parts may not last as long as genuine parts.
We Work With Major Insurance Companies
Our experience in working with major insurance companies makes our services that much more valuable. We’ll whip up a reasonable estimate that coincides with your insurance and do our best to get it to you as soon as possible. We understand the claims process and will try to streamline it all, so you’ll feel reassurance after the trauma of an accident.
On our website, you can submit photos of the damage to your car. That way, you can get a preliminary estimate before you have your vehicle towed to our collision center or bring it in. Our knowledgeable team can assess the damage and give you an estimate. We’re here to help you get your car back in great shape, so it can hit the road in no time.
Insurance Companies
Schedule Car Accident Repairs near Detroit MI
With all the traffic near Detroit, MI, accidents can happen. That’s why you need the efficiency and skills that our collision centers can offer drivers like you. After an accident or any other damage that your car suffers, contact LaFontaine Family Deal for car accident repairs and much more.



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