Car Accident Repairs near Farmington Hills MI

At one time or another, you may be in the market for car accident repairs. It may be because of a collision near Farmington Hills, MI, or an incident that happened in your own driveway. Whatever it is, LaFontaine Family Deal can help you rehabilitate your car so that it continues to perform as it used to.

Any Make, Any Model

What kind of car do you drive? It doesn’t really matter to our service team because they’re well-versed in all kinds of vehicles. You may drive a Volkswagen and your spouse may drive a Subaru. We handle it all, from luxury cars like Lexus to trucks like Chevy. Just bring it in, and we’ll bring it back to life.

Dented Car

Car Dent Repair

Dents can be a common issue for many cars. You drive to the Farmington Shopping Plaza Shopping Center and a runaway cart could hit your door. Or maybe an overzealous shopper accidentally dents your door when whipping open theirs.

Many times, accidents result in dents that can make a fairly new car look much older. You take pride in how you care for your car, so don’t settle for a dented vehicle. Let us take over and reverse those dents with our specialized tools, like the dent reversal tool.

The dent reversal tool uses no chemicals, paints, or anything that could harm the exterior of your vehicle. It literally reverses dents so that you may not even remember where they were. It’s so simple and safe that you’ll really want to take advantage of it.

Car Dent Repair

Glass Repair

A shattered windshield not only reduces visibility but can also be dangerous. Even a small fissure could blossom into a hazardous crack if you let it go. We can replace the windshield in more serious cases or place resin in the fracture. That way, you can save money and see out of your windshield.

If a fly ball shattered a back window, we’re able to replace any of those windows as well. That way, you’ll be sheltered from the weather and can roll up or down the window with ease again.

Windshield Repair

Auto Painting Services

When you get into an accident, the paint may be chipped in more than one place. This makes your car look ugly. Aside from that, it could spread, which leaves the exterior of your car vulnerable to developing rust. That ages your car and also increases the likelihood that you will need to go car shopping earlier than you planned.

Then again, maybe you’re simply tired of the neutral color you picked out for your sedan and want to jazz it up. A new paint color can spruce up your car and be affordable. Also, it will upgrade the value of your vehicle so that you’ll get a better return on your investment when you sell it or trade it in.

Painting Services

We Work with Major Insurance Companies

Many accidents require a call to your car insurance company. We understand how to work with insurance companies on getting you the right estimate and expediting your claim. Let us know what we can do for you in this regard, and we’ll be there for you.

Car Accident

Where to Go for Car Accident Repairs near Farmington Hills MI

In the future, you may be wondering where to go for car accident repairs near Farmington Hills, Michigan. We can save you some time and effort. Give LaFontaine Family Deal a call when you get into an accident with your vehicle. Contact us online today!

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