Car Financing Tips
Researching car financing is like planning your summer road trip. You can map out an efficient route that lets you enjoy every stop along the way. Whether it’s planning your first car, a dream road trip, or the vehicle that handles your family’s schedule, financing is the key to your success.
If you live near Fenton or Lansing, Michigan, read these car financing tips from LaFontaine Family Deal to start forming your plan. Let’s get started!
1) Get Pre-Approved for a Car Loan or Lease
Pre approved
The goal of our car financing tips is to help you shop with confidence, and the first way we suggest you do that is by applying for a loan or lease before heading to a dealership. We make it possible to get the ball rolling from the comfort of your home.
Become pre-approved by completing a finance application to learn your credit rating. This helps to gauge what your car financing options are, and you’ll also enjoy a more streamlined experience when you visit the dealership. The form is simple, secure, and accessible from your compatible device.
2) Save for Your Down Payment
Next up in our car financing tips, let’s discuss down payments. Drivers may need their next car, truck, SUV, or minivan at different times. Whether your vehicle has taken its last road trip or is part of a rotating set of rides you use every couple of years, your new journey can be easier when you save for a down payment.
The down payment is the sum of money you spend to secure a loan. Larger down payments may generate a smaller loan and result in lower monthly payments. You can prepare for your next car by saving for your down payment and creating more financial flexibility.
Payment Stratgey
3) Draft a Car Payment Strategy—and Stick To It
Every driver can pay the monthly minimum of their financing to complete their loan payment. Did you know there is a way to pay off your car faster?
The interest of a loan builds the total amount of what you pay over time. Drivers can pay more than the minimum amount of their car loan. You can also add an extra payment each month.
Both strategies help reduce the effect of interest rates on your overall payment. Over time, you may be able to pay off your loan faster. You can save several months of car payments, achieving more financial flexibility.
4) Trade-in Your Current Car to Lower Your Down Payment
Next up in our car financing tips, let’s talk about trading in. When you sell your current car, you can make room in your garage for something new. You can also get money to use toward your next vehicle, meaning you might be able to put down more upfront.
Drivers can estimate their vehicle’s worth with our Value Your Trade tool. Tell us a little about your car, and we’ll tell you its current market worth. If you like the offer, you can have your car appraised at the dealership to get your offer and use it toward your next purchase.
This way, you don’t have to handle reselling your car and have more money for your down payment. You might be able to pay off your car faster or get a higher trim level!
Trade in
monthly financing
5) Estimate Your Monthly Financing
What’s next in our car financing tips? Discovering a suitable ride is more manageable after you learn what works for your budget. Before you start searching for your next car, plan your monthly budget to learn what makes sense for your everyday financing.
When you learn what your financial wiggle room may be, you can use our payment calculator to estimate what each car’s monthly options may be.
6) Learn About the Advantages of Leasing
If you are searching for additional financial flexibility, you may want to compare leasing vs. buying.
Leasing is like renting a car rather than purchasing your next vehicle. The term of a lease may only last two or three years. This term is factored into financing and may result in lower monthly payments. You can also enjoy the peace of mind provided by a lease warranty while you drive.
7) Ask About Ongoing Specials
In addition to lease offers, you may be able to find ongoing specials for new, Certified Pre-Owned (CPO), or used cars. One of our finance experts can review these specials with you and help you decide which option is right for you.
Our specials are available online, and you can browse them at your leisure. We also offer lease deals for customers who prefer to pursue that option. We update our specials regularly, so you can check back from month to month to see what vehicle we’ll feature next.
8) Find the Car That’s Right for You
Car Shopping
It's time for a final suggestion in our car financing tips. Find the car that’s right for you by researching different options.
We understand that you lead a busy life with your work and family, so we've made it easy to do your due diligence. Check out our car reviews to learn more about all the options. We also offer our online search filters to make it easy to narrow your results when you shop from home.
So, what are you looking for today? We can help you find a spacious SUV for your growing family on your next road trip. Maybe you're looking for a new truck to help you tackle the trails or tow your stuff, or perhaps you need a reliable car with many safety technologies.
Our sales team is happy to show you around our selection and answer any questions you have about our inventory. They can provide a personalized recommendation if necessary. They know our inventory inside and out and love to play matchmaker!
What’s next? Schedule a test drive to get a better feel for your next ride. You can learn how it handles and discover amenities that elevate your driving experience.
Contact Our Team for Car Financing Tips
We hope our car financing tips have helped you feel more confident about your buying journey. If you live near Fenton or Lansing, MI, finding a resource for car financing in your backyard is easy. LaFontaine Family Deal can help you secure a loan, learn about leasing, and plan for your next vehicle.
Do you have any further questions before getting started? Contact our team for more car financing tips!

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