Giving Back to Our Communities

Our Mission at LaFontaine is to Build Lifelong Relationships that Connect Families, Strengthen Communities and Personalize the Automotive Experience. We couldn’t do this without our amazing Grassroots Marketing Team. Each member of the team lives by our Mission Statement and our six Core Values; Passion, Accountability, Communication, Respect, Teamwork and Responsibility. They encourage, empower and support many businesses within our surrounding communities here in Michigan and truly lead with their hearts.

The team is involved with over 30 Chambers, Rotaries and Optimist Groups and have volunteered at the United Way, Habitat For Humanity, Angels of Hope, Focus Detroit, Suite Dreams, The Last Day Dog Rescue, U CAN-CER VIVE Foundation, Whaley Children’s Center and many more.

We are very proud of our team and the passion they show for and within their communities.


Meet Our Grassroots Marketing Department


Kelley LaFontaine

  • Vice President
  • Co-Founder of Department

Kelley was raised by the heart and soul of the company; Maureen LaFontaine. Part owner and founder of the Grassroots Marketing Department, it was Maureen’s mission to pour into the community, give back and lead with her heart as a woman in automotive. Kelley now leads the department with her mother’s mission in mind and has carried out the Grassroots Marketing for LaFontaine Automotive in the best way possible. The department is a differentiator for our dealership; it brings to light the good that we can do and the difference we can make within our surrounding communities.

Carol Peters

  • Grassroots Marketing Director
  • Highland

Carol Peters has been with LaFontaine Automotive since November of 2008. With years of experience at General Motors, Carol brought her expertise to the dealership and has since then strived to be a leader in automotive. She has made a difference in Oakland County and has built many special relationships along the way. From going door to door in the community to introduce herself, build relationships, give back and share her heart to inspire others, she is truly a kind soul and very passionate about what she does. Carol is someone who leads with her heart and for that, we are grateful to have her as our Grassroots Marketing Director!

Karla Griscom

  • Grassroots Marketing Manager
  • Body Shop & Collision Centers, Birch Run, Flushing, Highland

Karla has been with LaFontaine Automotive since July of 2010. She has made her mark on our hearts and in the community; specifically our Brighton and Livingston County area. Karla is a go-getter and carries herself well as a woman in automotive. She is someone who has developed relationships with other leaders in our community, our team here at LaFontaine, and supports many charities along the way. Karla has been recognized as an “Inspiring Woman” and “Top 10 Shining Women” at recent Chamber Events. Her heart and spirit do not go missed. We appreciate all that she does for our team!

Quaila Pant

  • Grassroots Marketing Manager
  • Ann Arbor, Clinton, Dexter, Saline, Ypsilanti

Quaila first began her career with LaFontaine Automotive in February of 2012. She is a strong leader in our Ann Arbor, Clinton, Dexter, Saline and Ypsilanti community. She is a familiar face and kind soul to many who have met her over the years. She strives to give back and volunteer when possible. Quaila serves as the President for one of the Chambers she is involved in and is a true leader as a woman in automotive. We are grateful to have her on our team!

Audrey Ryskamp

  • Grassroots Marketing Manager
  • Commerce, Farmington Hills, Walled Lake

Audrey has been with LaFontaine Automotive since February of 2011. Starting off in our Business Development Center, Audrey learned the ropes of the automotive industry and our unique approach as an organization to better serve our customers. With an outgoing personality and desire to give back and lead with her heart, Audrey joined the Grassroots Marketing Team. Since then, Audrey has become a leader in the Novi, Walled Lake, Commerce and Farmington Hills area as a admirable Young Professional and Ambassador within our community. Fun fact – Audrey is a singer! She often performs at community events and has become a familiar friendly face in our community. We are grateful to have her on our team.

Casey Jacobsen

  • Grassroots Marketing Manager
  • Lansing

Casey has been with LaFontaine Automotive since March of 2019. She has made her mark on the hearts of our community, team and foundations in the Lansing area. She is a strong leader and is passionate about what she does. Serving on several chambers, nonprofits and service clubs, Casey leads with her heart and strives to be and do the best for her Lansing community members. She is a bright light to our team and is certainly recognized by many in the community as a kind soul. We appreciate all that she does and are glad to have her on our team

Savanna Hinsperger

  • Grassroots Marketing Manager
  • Birmingham, Fenton, Milford

Savanna has been with LaFontaine Automotive since October of 2015. She is a young professional who is making her mark year after year! As a Northwood Alumni and Automotive Marketing major, Savanna strives to give back, serve and make a difference in the community with her knowledge and heart. Following footsteps of her mother and grandmother’s path as leading women in automotive, Savanna leads with intent and has made an impact in our community and team. We are grateful to have her!

Melanie LaFontaine

  • Grassroots Digital Marketing Manager

Melanie has been with LaFontaine Automotive since May of 2017. As a graduate of Wayne State University, she began her career as an intern and discovered her passion for graphic design and marketing. She is able to bring her creativity to life through the many sponsorships and events we take part in and support as an organization. Passionate about what she does, Melanie proudly supports the Grassroots Marketing department with design work, heart and intent. We are grateful to have her on our team!

Emily Chambers

  • Grassroots Marketing Representative
  • Dearborn


Kim Seets

  • Grassroots Marketing Manager

Kim has worked for the LaFontaine Family since May of 2008, where she first began as a Business Development Representative! Since then, Kim was promoted to BDC Manager and has recently moved into her role as the Grassroots Marketing Manager for the St. Clair community. “I absolutely love working for the Family! This new role allows me to continue to grow within the company and be more involved within the community. I love this beautiful Community and have never felt so passionate about a job!” – Kim Seets. Kim is involved in four Chambers here in St. Clair and has recently become and Ambassador for the Anchor Bay Chamber. Kim has two beautiful children that are very involved in sports, loves to stay active, enjoys being close to the water and most of all, loves spending time with family and friends. Kim is a great asset to our department and we look forward to watching her grow in the St. Clair community!

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