LaFontaine Internship Program
LaFontaine Internship Program
LaFontaine Internship Program
LaFontaine Internship Program
LaFontaine Internship Program
LaFontaine Internship Program
LaFontaine Internship Program


Opportunity For Professional Development

The LaFontaine Internship Program is your opportunity to join the nationally-recognized automotive team, named Best Dealership To Work For by Automotive News in 2018, 2020-2022. Gain invaluable hands-on experience from leaders within the organization when you make one of our locations your home for the summer. This Michigan-based dealer is growing at a rapid pace and is looking for passionate individuals to join the Family! Consisting of over 2,000 employees and family members, LaFontaine is made up of over 30 retail locations, 52 franchises and 10 full-service collision centers to better serve our communities!


Corporate Internship Program

Twelve-Week Rotational Program

May 2023 – August 2023

The LaFontaine Corporate Internship Program is designed for the college student between sophomore and junior year. It offer a comprehensive overview of the day-to-day operation of an automotive dealership. It affords the intern the opportunity to observe and participate, hands-on, in a thriving retail environment. After the internship, the participant will possess a solid, basic understanding of the duties of various jobs in the dealership. Over the twelve-week period, interns will go through an introduction week, learning about the LaFontaine Automotive Group Company and a Final/Review week after completing a ten week rotation of two five week groups consisting of the variable and fixed operations of a dealership, Which includes the following departments:

Service | Parts | Collision | Service BDC | Business Office | Sales | F&I | Marketing | Sales BDC

Corporate Interns will participate in an exit interview to determine interest in proceeding with Executive Internship Program

Executive Internship Program

Twelve-Week Full Time Position in a Specific Department

May 2023 – August 2023

The LaFontaine Executive Internship Program is designed for the college student between junior and senior year. It offer a detailed deep dive into the responsibilities and duties of a specific job in an automotive dealership. It affords the Executive Intern the opportunity to learn first-hand. After the internship, the participant will have the skills needed to perform the specific job. The Executive Intern will be assigned to a LaFontaine employee/ mentor/ coach. The mentor and intern will work together as a team throughout the twelve-week program. The intern will shadow the coach in order to learn all of the tools, processes, procedures, policies and best practices involved in the specific job description. The intern will assist in the actual performance of the duties alongside their mentor. Executive internship are available in:

New Car Sales | Service Advisor | Business Development | Marketing

The Executive Intern will be given the opportunity to interview for a full-time permanent position following graduation.




Hear From Our Interns Who Have Joined The Family


Cy Twinney

  • Digital Retail Coordinator
  • 2021 Graduate
  • Automotive Marketing and Management

“Growing up in Grand Rapids I had some dealership experience, but it wasn’t until I joined the internship team in 2018 that I was truly given a full overview of all dealership operations and responsibilities. After spending two weeks in every department. I liked it so much that I came back to sell cars in the summer of 2019. Though I thoroughly enjoyed it, I found out that my true passion is digital as well as traditional marketing. Because I learned and grew from that experience I was able to come back for a 3rd time around and do a specialized marketing internship in 2020. This was the catalyst to my current full-time position on the corporate deployment team of digital retail coordinator that I received directly after graduating from Northwood University. During my time with the group, I have gained several mentors who I now consider family. The opportunities to grow your personal and professional career are endless!”

Richard Ascherl

  • Assistant Sales Manager
  • 2021 Graduate
  • Master’s of Business Administration

“My introduction to the LaFontaine Automotive Group was through a previous intern who began working with the group in 2018. When accepted into their internship program I was fully immersed in each department. 3 years later, I am still with the family, working as the Sales Manager for Lafontaine Lincoln at our Flushing dealership. I am grateful for the family and my many mentors who continue to invest and help me develop my abilities. Excited for the future.”

Thomas Montgomery

  • Service Lane Manager
  • 2019 Graduate
  • Automotive Aftermarket

“The LaFontaine Internship Program was the catalyst to starting an exciting career in a field I am very passionate about. After I graduated, I joined LaFontaine Automotive Group as a service advisor at their LaFontaine Cadillac Buick GMC dealership in Highland. Beyond what I do on a day-to-day basis, what is most exciting for me at LaFontaine Automotive Group are the opportunities to truly grow and develop a career. The management team is very encouraging and is always there to provide guidance. They provide a roadmap for my career and I am looking forward to what the future holds for me at LaFontaine.”

Travis Tyree

  • Clerk
  • 2022 Graduate
  • Accounting

“During the Internship program I was able to work alongside professionals who mentored me all throughout the summer. My favorite experience was adapting to Reynolds and Reynolds; the accounting software LaFontaine uses. My knowledge and experience from the program has allowed me to flourish in my career. I understand the software, cut checks, stock inventory and interact with happy customers daily. I truly enjoying coming into the office; everyone is welcoming and encouraging. I am treated like family and am able to continue to grow alongside people I enjoy working with! My advice to students is to always strive to stand out, dress well and master your elevator pitch! In doing so, it shows your willingness to improve, adaptability and growth potential. I am proud to have majored in accounting and am currently striving to achieve a Data Science Certificate while also working to get a programming Associates. I am grateful for where I am today!”

Parker Luchenbill

  • Finance Manager
  • 2021 Graduate
  • Finance

“The internship program was unlike any other internship experience I have been apart of. Not only do you get to experience each department to better understand the fundamentals, but you get to see how each area allows the company to prosper. The level of trust and knowledge the owners and management bestow upon all interns truly shows how much they care – about our future as individuals, the future of the industry, and the well-being of the employees they like to call “Family.” The culture here at the dealership and within the company as whole takes away from it feeling like a job. It’s a lifelong career opportunity that I am grateful to have. My advice to incoming interns would be this: if business or automotive industry is something you have considered for your future career path, look no further than LaFontaine. The passion, knowledge, and relationships here are things you cannot find elsewhere. I am truly grateful for it all!”

John Kowalchuk

  • Sales Professional
  • 2022 Graduate
  • Sales

“In this internship, I was able to take part in events, experience internal round table meetings to better understand the operations and company as a whole, amongst other things. It was a valuable experience that allowed me to ask questions, experience things first-hand, and gain valuable insight from areas I was most interested in. I am grateful to the LaFontaine family and my mentors for giving me the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice. I decided to continue working with LaFontaine full-time after graduation and look forward to growing in the years to come! My advice to incoming interns: have an open mind and step out of your comfort zone. It will allow you to grow!

Investing in our FUTURE one student at a time.

Ryan LaFontaine

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