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Spike From Mojo In The Morning


Spike from Mojo In The Morning


“Hey – it’s me Spike from Mojo in the Morning! The market is at an all-time high for buying used vehicles and my friends at LaFontaine Automotive Group have you covered. With an instant cash appraisal, they are paying top dollar for your used vehicle. And for those of you that lease – LaFontaine can handle your lease turn-ins, regardless if you leased from LaFontaine or another dealer. After my experience with LaFontaine, I’ve sent my friends and listeners to LaFontaine and they all left with a smile after receiving the Family Deal experience.”


On-Site Appraisal & Vehicle Pick-Up

Our LaFontaine Vehicle Buying Center delivers the fastest, most accurate appraisal for your vehicle – delivering the trust and transparency you need to make your decision. Our passionate teams are monitoring daily market conditions, making sure you receive top dollar for your vehicle.

In addition, our LaFontaine Vehicle Buying Center is your lease turn-in specialists – able to handle the turn-in for ANY MAKE OR MODEL, regardless if you leased through a LaFontaine dealership or not.

We understand that in today’s world, your time is very valuable. That’s why we will also come to your work or home to pick-up the vehicle or for the five minute appraisal!


Meet Our Vehicle Acquisition Specialists


Matt Muldoon

  • Vehicle Acquisition Specialist

“Hello my name is Matt. I come from an automotive family, my mom and dad had an automotive shop in Novi, where I grew up around cars. With over 10 years of dealership experience, I promise to provide the same seamless experience I would a family member. I would urge my customers to choose LaFontaine for the same reason, its the Family Deal.”

Jarrett Brown

  • Vehicle Acquisition Specialist

“Hello my name is Jarrett. I have 7 Years of commercial vehicle driving experience. Look for me rolling down your street in the LaFontaine rollback truck.”


5-Minute Appraisal Process


Yes you can and we can help!

You don’t have to buy a car from us. We just want to buy yours!

We can help with that and we want your vehicle – regardless of the make or model.

ABSOLUTELY! Our teams are trained to handle the lease turn-in for any make or model.

Yes, we are at the ready to assist

Yes, we still want your vehicle. Contact our team for help.


  1. 2 sets of keys preferred (at least 1 set)
  2. Free & Clear Title
  3. Have a lender on your title? No problem, we can work with you. Contact us for details.
  4. After we have the title and keys, we will present a check to you … to spend on WHATEVER you want!

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