Sell Your Car

Sell Your Car

Looking for an alternative to keeping your older car stationed in your Fenton or Lansing, Michigan, driveway? How about you sell your car to LaFontaine Family Deal? It alleviates all the extra work that selling a car entails for you. It also helps us too!

Below, we’ll go over how we can give your older vehicle a second life at our dealership.

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How You Can Sell Your Car to Us

Here’s how we’ll give your car a second life. When you bring it in, we’ll assess it for its value. You can check on this beforehand by using our Value Your Trade appraisal tool. Using the latest Kelley Blue Book® value, we’ll pay you for your car.

Sound simple?

For your purposes, you’ll merrily ride off, knowing that you did the best for your vehicle.

For us, the fun begins with transferring over the title through the Michigan DMV, marketing the car to attract customers, and handling the future sale of your vehicle. Since we’re familiar with the process, it will be a smooth transaction.

While you can sell your car on your own, we eliminate all the legwork, so you can move on from that car to another one. Plus, you’ll have some extra cash to spend where you want and how you want.


Trade In Your Car

Do you want a new vehicle? Whatever brand you’d like, we’ve probably got it in our inventory. With more than 2,000 cars available, we know one or more will attract you for many reasons. To get your new car and find a new home for your older one, wouldn’t it be great to trade it in?

When you trade in your older vehicle, you’re able to apply the payment you receive toward your new loan. Again, we’ll handle all the paperwork. You can check how much you can expect to get by tapping into the Value Your Trade tool.

Trading in your car benefits both you and our dealership. You move on with a new car and we add to our growing inventory of used cars. It’s a win-win situation!

Shopping in Our Inventory

When you stop in to discuss selling or trading in your car, take a few moments to see our new cars or our pre-owned selection. You’ll find an incredible variety of brands, including Buick, Jeep, Ford, Ram, Kia, and Hyundai—and they change every day!

Feel free to ask a sales consultant about any car that appeals to you. They’re your best resource for all the information you need.

Car Dealer

Do You Want to Finance Another Car?

Once you’ve settled on an option for your older car, we can work out the details of a new loan or lease. Our finance team knows how to get the ideal loan for a range of customers that come with very different needs.

To get started, fill out a credit application while you’re at home, before you visit our dealership.

Sell Your Car to LaFontaine Family Deal

Make some room in your driveway and sell your car to LaFontaine Family Deal. We can help Fenton and Lansing, MI, car owners through the quick and easy process so that you can give your older vehicle a second life.

Contact us online or stop by for more information!

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