SUV Service near Lansing MI

You’ve put your SUV through its paces, now you need to find SUV service near Lansing, MI. We’re happy to say that LaFontaine Family Deal can help you keep your SUV in shape for many miles and years to come. Whether you need a quick tune-up or a complete overhaul, our service team has the skills and knowledge to get your SUV in great shape.

Routine Maintenance

Regular service serves two purposes: to keep your car going around the capital city and to watch out for any other issues. You may need an oil change or bulb replacement, and we can handle it all quickly and efficiently. We also handle filter replacements as well as fluid top-offs. Whatever you need, we’re available, including multi-point inspections that cover the entire vehicle.

Brake Repair

As the OG of safety systems, brakes prevent you from ramming into another car at the intersection of Grand River Avenue and Howard Street or going too fast down a curving road. They’re vital to your SUV, so make sure you’re getting them checked out during regular appointments.

Monitoring the brake pads helps keep your braking system working well. The pads cushion the rotors to protect them from getting warped. With time, the brake pads wear down and must be replaced. A tech at our dealership can measure them to see how they’re faring.

Transmission Service

Without a transmission, your car will be sitting in the parking lot or your driveway. This component issues the power to your wheels, so you can take off when you want to. Some telltale signs that your transmission may be on the fritz include weird smells, strange noises, and dimming dashboard lights. Let us know if you experience any of these symptoms with your SUV, and we’ll take a look.

Tire Replacement and Repair

To ensure that your tires last, tire rotations should be administered every six months or so. This involves exchanging your front tires for your rear ones to even out the wear. Front tires take on the most impact, so they can wear out more quickly than the ones in the back.

We not only perform this important service—we can replace your tires with a brand-new set. Our tire department professionals can guide you in picking out the right tires and scheduling an installation. We also perform tire alignments, tire balancing, and can patch a tire if you experience a blowout.

Parts Center

Having a parts center so close to the service department means that your car will be serviced with speed. Our service techs can easily access the necessary parts, so you won’t have to wait for your car to be fixed. If the part is more unique, our service department team will order one directly from the manufacturer.

For weekend mechanics, we can supply you with the parts needed to complete a repair. If you’re thinking about customizing your car with accessories or accents, let us know what you want, and we’ll find you everything you need.

SUV Service near Lansing MI

When you’re out on the road daily, you’re eventually going to need SUV service near Lansing, MI. We cover all the basics and even more complex repairs and replacements, so call us for an appointment. At LaFontaine Family Deal, we give your vehicle the TLC it needs to hold up for the long haul.




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