Truck Service near Brighton MI

Truck Service near Brighton MI

Make truck service near Brighton, MI, a priority when taking care of your pickup. Our service center handles everything that results from general use of your truck. You’ll be able to depend on our services at LaFontaine Family Deal for simple procedures like an oil change to more complex repairs involving the transmission. See what we can do right here!

Regular Maintenance

Truck Service near Brighton MIIf you stick to the maintenance schedule for your Ram, your truck will perform at its best for as long as you own the truck. Tire rotations every six months will help guarantee that your tires wear out at an even rate and provide a smooth ride. After a long winter, you’ll want to change your windshield wipers to clear—not smear—the windshield for increased visibility.






Brake Repair

Truck Service near Brighton MIThink about this. Brakes are the oldest known safety system. They’re also the first line of defense if you stop short at Grand River Avenue and I-96. Make sure they’re up to speed by getting your brakes checked starting at 25,000 miles. If your brakes squeal when applied, you may need new brake pads. If they grind, get the pads changed to avoid damaging the rotors.







Transmission Service

Truck Service near Brighton MIThe transmission gives your truck the power to move ahead. To help ensure that your truck stays in action, the fluids must be topped off. By scheduling regular service, our skilled service technicians can examine the transmission.

If your transmission system harbors a leak, you can identify this at home using a piece of cardboard. It’s best, though, to bring it into our service center for a quick look. We’ll take care of the leak or any other issues to know that your truck will continue to offer you excellent performance.




Tire Replacement and Repair

Truck Service near Brighton MITires on any type of car take a beating. If you’re off-roading on the weekends or even just riding over a succession of potholes, your tires will be impacted first. We handle all aspects of tire replacement and repair and carry a wide variety of major brands designed for your truck.

At our dedicated tire center, a tire technician will examine the treads and check that the tires carry the proper inflation. They can perform a tire alignment or complete tire balancing, so that your tires keep going for the extra mile.





Parts Center

Truck Service near Brighton MIWhen you find a parts center on the same site as the service center, you can almost guarantee that your truck will be fixed quickly. Our techs can easily access any part you need for most basic repairs and replacements. If the part is not readily available, they’ll place an order for you, or you can do so virtually.

Would you like to sharpen the look of your truck or add accessories to amp up your convenience and capability? With our parts center on site, you’ll be able to shop for the right accessories with the help of a knowledgeable parts center representative.





Schedule Truck Service near Brighton MI

Truck service near Brighton, Michigan, can be one of the most important components in helping to keep your truck in optimal shape. When your truck requires a tune-up or more, schedule an appointment at LaFontaine Family Deal. Contact us online or stop by!

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